How Christmas Gifts Can Encourage Mindfulness

For those of us that are struggling with mental health issues, Christmas can come as a bit of a mixed bag. Seeing extended family and being in social situations can easily take you out your comfort zone making the holiday season difficult.

Even for those of us without a history of problems are still inclined to feel more stressed at this time of year. Thankfully through the joy of gift giving, we have an opportunity to support the ones we love and give them the means to manage this busy time of year in a way that suits them.

Essential Reading

Learning about the experiences of others is a key part of understanding and managing mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Even if you are buying for someone who doesn’t suffer from problems quite so acute, giving them a look into how others have addressed and overcome these issues might allow them to understand what their friends and families could be going through. There is a growing number of books that fall into this category, and the right purchase might make a perfect gift.

Encouraging Exercise

There has been a great deal of research done into the positive effects that exercise can have on mental health. There is no better way to bring out this activity through a carefully considered gift or present. You could investigate gift vouchers for a gym membership, running shoes, or any other manner of things that would get someone into a regular routine of exercise.

Gifts for Relaxation

You don’t have to look far to find that there is a lot of gift options out there for those who want to encourage relaxation in the recipient. From something as small as a scented candle, right up to a spa break, there are options out there to suit every type of budget.

Being able to instil those habits that allow you to relax and let go of stress can be very helpful throughout the festive period. Even meditation exercises have their uses in overcoming anxiety at this time of year, so any help you can give here would likely be greatly appreciated.

Being there for Support

The last thing we can cover off isn’t a physical item or something that you can buy. Being there as a support during what can be a stressful time will be worth more to someone than any of the things that we have covered off above.

While the symptoms of stress or anxiety aren’t always immediately apparent, taking the time to speak to your loved ones and offer them support will be very valuable to them. There is a lot online that can help you to be the support you need to be at this time of year, but sometimes all you need to do is simply ask people how they are doing, and take the time to listen.

While Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time for all of us, it’s important to remember that many of us are putting a brave face on. If we support each other, we can capture the true spirit of the season.

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