How to Get Your Confidence Back After Cancer

Fighting cancer is a tough battle on both your body and mind. Reaching remission takes a lot of strength, so you should applaud all your hard work!

However, while you have every right to celebrate, you might find it difficult to ignore how cancer has left its mark on your body. From weight changes to hair loss and surgery scars, your body might begin to feel like a stranger.

These changes can often lead to poor confidence. This is particularly true for people recovering from breast cancer who have had mastectomies. Low self-esteem can develop into feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, so it’s best to address them sooner rather than later. Here are five ways to improve your confidence after recovering from cancer.

Let yourself grieve

This step might seem like the odd one out, but you can’t ignore negative feelings. If you do, you risk bottling them up, which can cause more harm than good.

While entering remission is a brilliant feeling, you’re still allowed to feel sad. Let yourself grieve for your previous life and body. You might even have conflicted feelings around your body – for example, you might be grateful it was strong enough to beat cancer, but the treatments have left it weak. Allow yourself to explore these feelings through journaling and healthy conversations.

But, remember, while it’s natural to feel sad, you can’t let negative thoughts consume you. The next point will discuss staying positive when you’re feeling low.

Positive mental attitude

After taking some time to grieve, it’s time to develop a positive outlook. This might sound easier said than done, but there’s a lot you can do to boost your mood.

Try to practice mindfulness every day. Keep a journal and note down what you’re grateful for before bed. In an age of social media, it’s easy to compare yourself to others or what you looked like before cancer, but doing this won’t serve you. Focus on the present and look to the future.

Take time to celebrate every small step. You don’t need a milestone moment to feel proud – you can be proud of every step you take!

Focus on what you can change

There are some things you can’t instantly change. For example, you can’t grow a full head of hair or get rid of scars overnight. But, there are some things you can do to boost your confidence.

For those who have seen changes to their body weight, you might not be able to change this instantly, but you can choose comfortable, flattering clothes to boost confidence. For those who have lost their hair, you can buy a variety of wigs to suit all moods. While you can’t wish away a scar, you can invest in some skin care products to reduce its visibility.

Cancer can make you feel like you’ve lost control of your life and appearance, so getting back to how you feel most confident is a must. But, you should try setting realistic goals to avoid further confidence problems. For example, be realistic about how long a scar will take to heal, your hair to grow, or for weight to come off/go back on.

Focus on compassion

How often has a friend phoned you when they’re feeling low? They probably said hurtful things about themselves, and you’ve scoffed at them. After all, you can easily see the best in your friend, and you encourage them to feel the same.

Why is it so easy to remind a friend how amazing they are, but it’s different when you’re talking about yourself? Next time you’re feeling sad, imagine you’re talking to your friend and give yourself some encouragement instead of beating yourself up.

You should never punish yourself for negative thoughts but act with compassion. Make sure you have a portion of your day dedicated to self-care where you can focus on you and you alone. After battling cancer – you deserve it!

Surround yourself with supportive people

No one expects you to be happy all of the time. In fact, it’s probably a bad sign if you are!

Everyone needs a supportive group of cheerleaders for when they’re feeling low. Now is the time to remove those toxic people from your life and focus on the ones who make you feel happy, confident, and supported. At the end of the day, it’s not about the number of friends you have; it’s about the quality.

But, if you need extra help that your friends or family can’t provide, look into professional help. Therapists and counsellors provide an unbiased sounding board for your fears and worries, which many people find very helpful.

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