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This project is organized by NGO Democracy and civil society Development youth Association (DDA). The project aims to promote peaceful conflict resolution, while engaging in an international dialogue. Globalization and global conflicts are a part of everyday life. By bringing together youth leaders from different countries and cultures, we hope to increase their awareness of conflict, and help them develop paths towards resolution. This course explores the historical and contemporary causes and consequences of international, ethnic, and religious conflicts.

This course of study also considers the ways to prevent and resolve conflicts, such as negotiations. it gives the opportunity, through practical and case study-driven modules, to learn about conflict prevention and early warning, as well as the appropriate ways of managing conflicts peacefully through negotiation and mediation.it also provides you with training specific to working in the field of conflict analysis, such as preparing reports on specific conflicts or security issues, drafting recommendations for policymakers, or mediating between conflicting parties.

These youth leaders represent their countries and communities, and it is expected they will return to these communities, bringing with them and furthering the understanding of conflict resolution that they will have acquired. As a valuable project result we expect that participants will create their own project ideas for peace building and conflict resolution activities.

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