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“I just want basic things! – We are not there yet”: Understanding the needs, services and challenges of LGBT community members and NGOs in Sofia, Bulgaria [Research report]



The European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers, Viktorija Bondikjova from North Macedonia (hosted by Y-PEER PETRI – Sofia) and Carmen Rivas from Spain (hosted by Smokinya Foundation) conducted a qualitative community-based research as part of their personal project within the EVS program in their hosting organizations. This research report is part of the local needs assessment which aimed to understand the needs, services and challenges of LGBT community members and NGOs in Sofia, Bulgaria. The final event for promotion of the findings was held on July 18th in Dada Cultural Bar and it was attended by around 40 people.


Why did we decide to conduct this LGBT needs assessment? 

Due to the lack of research background on LGBT needs and rights in Bulgaria, as well as insufficient funding to implement research projects on this matter, we conducted this local needs assessment to provide critical information about LGBT community needs as identified by them and by the NGOs working with them. The aim of this project is the increase the knowledge and raise the awareness of the critical issues which affect the LGBT community, and contribute to more mobilized and organized LGBT community. The goal of this needs assessment project is to offer possible ideas on how to improve the situation of the LGBT community in Bulgaria in different areas of life, such as law, health, education, media and community organizing, and explore ways to address LGBT peoples’ and NGOs needs.

We are tremendously grateful to Y-PEER PETRI – Sofia and Smokinya Foundation for supporting the research report and to the Rainbow Hub for their collaboration during the entire research process.


The PDF version of the report is attached below.


If you have any questions, you can always contact the authors:

Viktorija Bondikjova at viktorijabon@gmail.com

Carmen Rivas at carmenjoserivas@gmail.com


We hope you enjoy reading the content! 🙂

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Research report – Young People Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health: Toward a New Normal


Young People Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health: Toward a New Normal is a research report documenting the multiple benefits of meaningful youth participation and leadership in sexual health and rights (SRHR) programs. It synthesizes global evidence from the field on how to foster authentic youth engagement, the impacts that result, and recommendations that can strengthen and scale this stream of programming investment.

The report is a product of the YIELD Project, which is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Summit Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

For more information, please contact: info@yieldproject.org.


You can read more here: https://www.youthlead.org/resources/young-people-advancing-sexual-and-reproductive-health-toward-new-normal

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Positive Youth Development (PYD) Measurement Toolkit


Purpose of this Toolkit

The Positive Youth Development Measurement Toolkit, developed by YouthPower Learning, provides guidance and resources for implementers of youth programming in LMICs to integrate PYD principles in their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and effectively measure PYD outputs and outcomes within their programs. This online toolkit provides an introduction and a brief overview of the toolkit.

The overall goal of this toolkit is to help programs effectively measure PYD outcomes in order to improve program performance over time, contribute to the body of evidence on PYD, and ultimately influence multi-sector outcomes and impact of youth programming.

This PYD measurement toolkit provides the following:
1. A framework for measuring PYD;
2. A set of illustrative PYD indicators that can be applied to and across various sectors;
3. A discussion about the application of PYD framework and indicators at each phase of a program design and evaluation; 
4. A discussion about the major considerations for adapting measures cross-culturally
5. Resources and references for implementers and evaluators;

Furthermore, the toolkit provides FAQs and a PYD glossary. YouthPower Learning conducted a one-day PYD Measurement training based on the toolkit.  Slides and other resources are available for users.

The toolkit can also help program implementers, evaluators and researchers contribute to building the evidence within and across sectors on two overarching research questions:
• What is the effectiveness of PYD programs in improving outcomes for youth in LMICs?
• What are the key PYD features associated with improved outcomes for youth?

Intended Audiences
The primary audiences of this toolkit are
• implementers,
• evaluators and
• funders of youth programs (both United States Government (USG) and non-USG).

Other audiences include those in the broader PYD space such as academics or youth advocates interested in PYD measurement.

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Vagina Matters – An illustrated Sex Ed book for girls


What is the problem?

The female body, menstruation and sex continue to be taboo topics in Bulgaria. This makes it extremely difficult to have open conversations about sexual health issues that affect our physical, mental and social well-being. While both girls and boys receive poor sexual health education (only 10% of schools in the country have dedicated classes according to a statement by the Bulgarian Ombudsman), we’ve found that girls are disproportionately affected. Bulgaria, along with Romania, have the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the EU.

We want to encourage a healthy curiosity towards sexual health, including on issues such as equality and violence against women.

What is the book about? 

Vagina Matters is an illustrated book on sexual health for girls, overflowing with educational information and practical tips, relevant for women of all ages.  We dissect everything you always wanted to know about the body, puberty, menstruation, sex and much more, but have been afraid to ask.

The Vagina Matters initiative is powered by Fine Acts, a playground for social change. Our squad is passionate about bringing the first ever illustrated book on sex ed to life. We believe in compassionate and comprehensive sexual education where girls not only learn about the negative issues such as unwanted pregnancies and STI’s but really get to know their body and how it functions.

What kind of support they need? 

Our informative work uses colorful illustrations to provide educational information and myth-busting practical advice on the body, menstruation, sex, health and much more. Over the past year, we’ve collected research, worked with sex ed and medical professionals and collaborated with artists. But now we need your help to complete the book! Support our Indiegogo campaign.

There are plenty of ways you can pitch in! Here are just a few:

  • Share our campaign with five other potential supporters! You’ll be helping us get the word out about the importance of sexual education. That would be A LOT of support!
  • If you’re a company or an organization, interested in supporting the Vagina Matters initiative, let’s start talking about collaborating!
  • If you believe in our mission, join us as a volunteer! Whether you’re a student in high school or a university professor, your enthusiasm makes our community grow.

You can read more on their official website: https://vaginamatters.org/eng#the-book

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