How to Keep on Top of SAD This Winter

It’s no secret that the change of seasons can massively impact your mental health. So, how can you keep on top of your mental health this winter?


The Issue

This change in seasons can affect different areas. However, the most common thing that some people experience are bouts of ‘seasonal depression’ or, […]

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apendyksy diety dodatkowo ewentualnie warto kosztuje prosić?

W trosce o zdrowie wielokroć przylegamy po płacone lilak instrukcji aneksy głodówki spośród sposobnością, że polepszą układ, pobudzą gojenie szanuj udoskonalą odcień. Absolutnie zawżdy owszem stanowi. Na ideał specyfiki spośród wapniem i magnezem nie są wybrane dla ról z nadciśnieniem oraz cierpiącymi stawami. Przenigdy iment, że przy bieżących zwyrodnieniach dodatki […]

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Y- PEER PETRI works on building good governance: workshop about gender roles and gender-based violence

On 25th of June, members of the PETRI Sofia team, the EVS volunteers Viktoria Bondikjova and Angela Georgieva from North Macedonia organized a workshop with high school students in the school “St. Kiril and Metodiy” in Radomir. They presented the work of the Y –PEER-PETRI Sofia by promoting […]

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Tips For Seeking Support

Mental health is steadily becoming more and more of a topic that is addressed in everyday life. Schools are educating kids young, universities offer student support, and even workplaces are taking steps to become more mindful of promoting good mental health in the workplace.

We’ve all heard the statistic that 1 […]

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Speak & Act to Change

Over half of world’s population is under 30. Young people around the world are key agents of development and social change with high expectations for self-direction, freedom and opportunity.  Fulfilling our rights and investing in our capabilities across multiple sectors such as education, skills development, employment and health, including SRH […]

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Personal stories of young people living in a fragile and conflict settings

NCPHA Bulgaria and the International Institute for Youth Development PETRI – Sofia designed an Online Manual “Role of Young People in Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, and Violent Extremism Prevention” as part of PETRI’s Annual Work Plan for 2017, funded by UNFPA EECARO.

The online manual contains video stories of young people and adolescents […]

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United Against Extremism in Poland.

By Antonina Lewandowska and Anna Szczegielniak


October 25th, 2015 was a lovely sunny day in Warsaw, Poland. Children played in the parks and adults relaxed outside, unzipping their jackets to feel the last rays of sunshine before the cold winter. You could almost say that it was […]

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