Losing Faith in Human Rights

In a troubled world full of conflicts, war, and widespread injustices, more and more of us are losing our faith and trust in the approach to  human rights.

For the past two months; the news has been filled with stories of unfair  things happening, people being killed, newborn babies dying in hospitals and people’s basic rights to life and freedom being taken away. This makes many feel hopeless and disappointed  from people or organizations who have the power to do something or those who are silent.

The concept of human rights is built upon the belief that every person on this planet is entitled to certain universal rights. However, the reality of our world today challenges this ideal, leaving many to wonder whether these principles mentioned in universal declarations and conventions are being applied fairly or used as hollow promises. 

One of the main factors contributing to this crisis of faith is that the world leaders and organizations who are supposed to protect these human rights and stop any violations of them are silent and their abstinence is contributing to the continuity of these violations. Also, some countries and their leaders are declaring support of civilians in war zones only in words, with no actual actions to stop the violation itself. This hypocrisy leaves people wondering if those in charge are being honest and if our lives really matter regardless of “ race, colour, national or social origin”, as stated in article 2 in UDHR. 

Since October 7, The Israeli government has violated several international laws. 20,000+ P@le$tinian civilians have been killed, including more than 6,600 children. Houses, hospitals, schools, and re.fu.gee centers have been bombed. . These are all violations of international law and human rights, and it has been going on for 2 months with no impact action taken to stop this. This made so many people realize the double standards approach to the concept of human rights and acknowledge that there is no action to the daily violations. The concern that one group of people can’t freely practice their human rights, implies that there’s a possibility for it to happen with any group of people, including us. 

Moving to Social Media platforms, it is a powerful tool to amplify the unheard voices of the oppressed people. With a prior look into how traditional media is used, recently social media is also being directed through algorithm  to silence activists  and direct people to follow their governments, whilst in many cases, truth can be discarded. In the midst of this crisis and the loss of faith in humanity, a glimpse of hope exists to speak out and advocate for justice. Grassroots movements, civil society organizations, and courageous individuals continue to protest everywhere and speak up as much as they can, believing  in the human rights causes and demanding action.

Not only are those with power and resources not taking action to stop the genocide and violations of human rights, but they are silencing those who are. People who are fighting this genocide, are reposting the news and that are being captured and shared by independent P@le$tinian journalists. Those journalists  are risking their lives to let the world see what is happening. Journalists are being targeted, more than half of them have been killed, and those who survived until now had their families killed. Social media posts are being taken down and views are decreasing drastically.  

Finally,  we commemorate Human Rights Day by shedding the light on focusing on people whose rights are violated until today! Our human rights are not complete when it excludes certain groups of people. Similarly, the existence of such violations does not diminish the importance of the concept of human rights. Instead, it showcases the need for continued advocacy, awareness, and collective efforts to address and prevent violations. The Human rights’ concept came from us and must continue to exist through us.

Prepared by YouthPrint ESC Volunteers: Dina Ahmed & Mira Ibdah

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