The IFYD is starting a new KA2 Erasmus+ project together with European partners

The long term project “It’s All About Solidarity”  (2019-1-BG01-KA205-062198) – Strategic Partnerships for Youth – Key Action 2 funded by the Human Resources Development Center under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission started in August 2019.

The project is coordinated by the International Foundation for Y-PEER Development, Bulgaria, with partner organizations from Italy (CET Platform), Greece (Kinoniki Sinetairistiki Epicherisielliniki Picherisielliniki Symmetochi Neon), Austria (GEMMA) and Turkey (Youth Approaches to Health). The project focuses on the social inclusion, integration and empowerment of young refugees and migrants.

The main objectives of the project are:

– To share best practices and methodologies between the participating organizations, in the field of working with young people from migrant background using storytelling (online and offline) – creating audiovisual materials and organizing storytelling events (Living Libraries), in order to build the capacity of youth workers and organizations in this field.

-To build the capacity of youth workers from the participating organizations and to promote active participation in the civic life, tolerance and understanding of diversity.

-To empower youth workers from 5 countries to gain skills and knowledge in the field of youth work, civic engagement, working with young refugees and migrants, combining the know-how and expertise of all participating organizations.

-To give visibility and recognition to young migrants and refugees who have positive stories of integration in the local communities, in order to inspire other refugees and migrants and also members of the local communities.

-To promote the culture of community solidarity towards vulnerable groups, to raise awareness on cultural diversity and values through intensive intercultural dialogue.

-To engage celebrities (opinion leaders, influencers, policy makers, artists, etc.) from partner countries in order for them to share positive messages related to the integration of refugees and migrants.

-To promote the social inclusion of young refugees and migrants and their integration in society and to empower them to be active members of their local communities, feeling equal and appreciated members of these.

-To have an impact on the local level through the planned activities, including the Living Libraries in each of the participating countries, involving young refugees and migrants and other stakeholders, civil society, to promote tolerance, understanding and appreciation of diversity, to challenge negative attitudes, prejudice and stereotypes and to contribute for a positive change in attitudes and behaviors towards disadvantaged groups, such as young refugees and migrants.

-To create a strong partnership between the participating organizations and partners on the local level in each country, creating synergies between the youth field and institutions.

-To build the capacity of the participating organizations and their members for working in the field of international youth projects and engaging disadvantaged young people, such as refugees and migrants.

The structure and timeline of the project are as follows:

1- Kick-off meeting in Bulgaria 16-18 September 2019

The partners will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to discuss the project activities, goals and expected results, to distribute tasks and to finalize jointly the agenda for the international training for youth workers.

2- International training for youth workers in Bulgaria 24-30 November 2019

The main topic of the training will be focusing on good practices and methodologies related to non-formal education, storytelling, creating powerful messages and audiovisual products for empowering young refugees and migrants through showcasing positive examples of integration. The training will also include methodologies for involving celebrities (decision-makers, artists, journalists, influential people in each country) for advocacy, as well as techniques for storytelling online (through videos) and live (Living Library methodology)

3- Local activities in each country- between January and May 2020
-The partners will create two types of short videos (5 videos per organization): young refugees and migrants sharing their successful stories of integration in the local communities in the partner countries; celebrities (opinion leaders, influencers, policy makers, artists, etc.) from partner countries sharing their positive messages related to the integration of refugees and migrants. The videos will be widely disseminated and promoted.

-They will also organize a Living Library events in each partner country (1-day local event) – giving the floor to refugees and migrants who have positive stories to share, as well as to youth workers who work in this field.

Stay tuned for more info and updates about the project!

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