Storytelling evening: The power of words and talents

In the framework of the project “It’s all about Solidarity” funded by the Human Resources Development Center under the Erasmus+ program, the International Foundation for Y-PEER Development in partnership with Multi Kulti Collective for Bulgaria organized a special event dedicated to the personal stories of three migrants and refugees. They were from Iraq and Afghanistan, currently based in Bulgaria. In the evening of November 28th, 2019 we had the opportunity to enjoy their stories and talents.

The main objective of the event was to showcase positive examples of integration by giving the floor to refugees and migrants who have positive stories to share, as well as to youth workers who work in the field of social inclusion, integration and empowerment of young refugees and migrants.

The agenda of the event was as follows:

  • Kick off with Silsila Mahboub, a young singer from Afghanistan living in Sofia for 5 years who sang in Persian and Indian languages.
  • The Iraqi photographer Bewar Mossa who has been living in Sofia for 3 years presented his story through some of the inspiring photos of people he took in Bulgaria and Germany.
  • Diana Nedeva, a youth worker from Bulgaria shared her interesting story of working with refugees and migrants in Bulgaria.
  • Anmar Khalid, a human rights activist from Iraq who has been living in Sofia for 2 years shared his journey in Bulgaria and Europe, and how he saw his country Iraq in the European eyes.
  • The event continued with inspiring discussion and Q&A between the 4 speakers of the night and the audience through the human living library technique.
  • The event closed with another song from Silsila Mahboub.

The event took place at Dada Cultural Bar in Sofia and was attended by approximately 50 young people and youth workers, locals, refugees and migrants.

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