International Women’s Day – A Reminder

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th, and it is a day that commemorates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also serves as a call to action for gender equality and women’s rights worldwide. This day is celebrated in different ways across the globe, with different countries marking it in diverse ways.

In some countries, International Women’s Day is an official holiday. For example, in Russia, it is a public holiday that celebrates women with flowers and gifts. On this day, men will give flowers and presents to the important women in their lives, such as mothers, wives, and daughters. In China, it is also an official holiday, but it is celebrated in a more subdued way. Women are given half a day off from work, and some companies will organize events to celebrate and recognize their female employees.

Sadly, there are still gender-based stereotype roles which emphasize that women should prepare the food, do the dishes, clean, and are most responsible for the upbringing of the children. This work of the women is mostly unseen and left unappreciated in daily life. It’s important to question our role in society especially as men if we contribute enough to the housework to overcome these stereotypes. Especially because mostly men and women are working equally with the difference that they are not equally paid. We should also raise our own awareness of the outdated role given to women and how it affects people in our surroundings.

For example imagine a family gathering: who is preparing the food, who is writing invitations/calling the people, who is choosing the gifts, who is preparing the space and who cleans in the end? At this point it’s important to be aware that one nice gesture of appreciation is not enough to balance the mostly unseen effort the woman makes throughout the whole year.

So we could take this day more as a reminder to appreciate the work of women more in our daily lives.

In many countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated with rallies, protests, and demonstrations. These events provide a platform for women to voice their concerns and to demand change. For example, in India, women will gather together to protest against violence, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination. In recent years, the #MeToo movement has gained traction in India, and International Women’s Day has become a significant event to protest against sexual harassment and assault.

In other countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated with cultural events and exhibitions that highlight women’s achievements in history and society. For example, in Spain, there are art exhibits, musical performances, and poetry readings that celebrate women’s contributions to culture and society. In Italy, International Women’s Day is celebrated with concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events that showcase women’s talents and accomplishments.

In some countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a day of solidarity and sisterhood. Women come together to celebrate and support each other, and to recognize the struggles that women face around the world. For example, in the United States, there are events and marches that bring women together to demand equality and to celebrate their achievements. In recent years, the Women’s March has become a significant event in the United States, with millions of women marching in cities across the country.

In conclusion, International Women’s Day is a day that celebrates the achievements of women and serves as a call to action for gender equality and women’s rights. It is celebrated in diverse ways around the world, with different countries marking it in their unique ways. Whether it is through protests, cultural events, or acts of solidarity, International Women’s Day is a day that brings attention to the struggles and triumphs of women everywhere.

Prepared by: Anne, Maria and Kalin


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