The International Foundation for Y-PEER Development implemented the European Solidarity Corps project “Youth Impact through Volunteering”

The International Foundation for Y-PEER Development implemented the European Solidarity Corps project “Youth Impact through Volunteering” in the period April 2021 – September 2022.

The main objective of the project was to raise awareness of adolescents and youth from Bulgaria about topics related to human rights, intercultural dialogue and healthy lifestyles (focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as on gender equality), and to empower young people, encouraging them to speak up for their needs and defend their rights, including the right to correct information and adequate services in this area.

The project included the organization of training sessions and workshops, through interactive non-formal educational methods, as well as various campaigns and events at the local level (e.g. for the International Youth Day, the World AIDS Day, etc.), including online campaigns and dissemination of information through the SpeakActChange online platform.

Through the project, young people from Bulgaria, Lebanon, Turkey/Iraq and Tunisia had the opportunity to engage in volunteering activities, to contribute to positive social changes, to develop their knowledge and skills, to gain real experience of working with other young people on issues important to them, and to transfer this experience and knowledge in their communities after the project, to become multipliers.

The volunteers also communicated with young people from the international Y-PEER network, with representatives of different youth organizations and with other volunteers working with our partner organizations. Their work involved both the organization of different events and activities related to researching materials on the topics, maintaining the online platform, writing articles, working with social networks, writing projects together with the members of the organization, supporting the implementation of different projects of the Foundation, etc.

The young people who participated in the activities organized by the volunteers were informed about important issues, related to their rights, as well as on topics such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (in particular those related to education, health and equality), sexual and reproductive health and opportunities for mobility in Europe.

In the longer term, the project has helped to promote core European values related to human rights, healthy lifestyles, in particular sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender equality, which are important at European and global level. Via activities involving young people from several countries, the project contributed to international cooperation between organizations and young people from the EU and neighboring countries such as Turkey, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Through the activities carried out, the project helped to promote the principles of solidarity, equal opportunities, social inclusion and active participation of young people.

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