Partnership-building Activity

16-20 April 2018 | Dublin, Ireland

This is a contact-making seminar for Youth Exchanges, targeting organisations doing inclusion youth work. Music will be a key methodology used during the seminar. Building partnerships for future projects together is the main aim of the seminar.

The seminar aims to build relationships between organisations who working with young people with fewer opportunities and help them to take their first steps in building projects together. Some of the activities during the training course will be based around music in a fun and informal way. We hope this will encourage participants to consider how to use music to enhance the learning of young people during youth exchanges.

The other main focus of the training is to look at the needs of young people with fewer opportunities and the different tools needed to support them. Participants will also be supported to make the links between local and European issues that impact young people. The week will be based on non-formal activities with a strong focus on sharing and building relationships between the organisations present.

The overall objectives of this activity are:

  • to meet your peers from around Europe doing inclusion youth work and develop a partnership
    • to support youth workers to develop sustainable partnerships for inclusion youth mobility projects in the area of Youth Exchanges.
    • to get a better understanding of the Erasmus+ Programme specifically in the field of Youth Exchanges.
    • to gain an understanding of supports available for youth workers engaging with young people with fewer opportunities.

The theme of the seminar will be around music, and how music can connect cultures, young people and links to identity. We hope participants will learn new practical methods around how to use music when working with young people in an international context.


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