Cyber harassment among young people

 Cyber harassment, a new phenomenon with no objective definition

With the multiplication of electronic tools, communication channels and access to information, new forms of violence are emerging like cyber harassment. Indeed, although these technologies have many advantages, they also have the potential to turn into a negative experience.

It is from the […]

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Call for Applications: Fellowship at PETRI-Sofia 2019

Call for Applications at the International Institute for Youth Development PETRI – Sofia for 2 positions of Fellow:

  •  Youth Fellow interested in online community coordination and content editing  for “Speak Act Change” platform;
  •  Y-PEER International Fellow interested in advocacy initiatives implementation and youth […]
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E-Consultation on SDGs with Youth from UNECE Region: Road to the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

Do you want your voice to be heard, to express your needs as a young person from Europe, Central Asia, Canada or the US? Do you want to have an impact and a say about what is happening with the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges young people face […]

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UNFPA Regional Youth Hacathon – Leave No One Behind – Innovating to Go Beyond Inclusion

The Report from the UNFPA Regional Youth Hacathon – “Leave No One Behind – Innovating to Go Beyond Inclusion” which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in December 2018, is ready and we have the pleasure to share it with all of you here!

At the Regional Youth Hackathon that took […]

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The PsychoPath of Love – Alternative 14 th February

This year, we at PETRI-Sofia celebrated St. Valentines day with our fun, educational and
interactive workshop that we called “The PsychoPath of Love”. In a pleasant environment
filled with candle light, soothing music, wine and snacks, we invited young people to explore
their intimate worlds by taking two guided psychological instruments on the […]

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