About AnamariaSuciu

Anamaria is a member of the YouAct Steering Committee (voluntary work) and the Administrative Assistant of EuroNGOs (paid work), responsible for general administration and events management of the network. Before joining the Secretariat of EuroNGOs, Anamaria worked for IPPF EN, as the regional youth network (YSAFE) coordinator and as an assistant to the programme team. In Bucharest, Romania, where she comes from, Anamaria worked for SECS (Society for Education on Contraception and Sexuality).

Current trends and challenges in the Romanian Non-governmental Sector

At the end of 2015 there were 45,500 NGOs in Romania. According to the national institute of statistics, 21% of them were active in the social/charitable sector, 19% in the sports field, 13% in education and about 6% in the health sector (1). NGOs in the […]

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