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Training Course

14-22 November 2017 | Cyprus

Based in the inspirational force of Theatre of the Oppreses and focused in the LGBTIQ worlwide movement, this training will take a look at the quality and innovativeness of international projects from the inclusive practical perspective.

The inspirational force of the Theatre of the Oppressed, August Boal, has termed the new type of spectator that comes out of the Forum process a “spect-actor”, a new type of audience who is not passive but participates actively in the process by going on the stage.

“Rainbow” is related to the rainbow flag, an identification of the LGBTIQ movement worldwide. The scope of the colours is telling of the scope of sexuality and sexual preference, and how as a flag, it has been come a symbol of acceptance and social cohesion.

In the Theatre of the Oppressed, the audience becomes active, such that as “spect-actors” they explore, show, analyse and transform the reality in which they are living. Through Theatre of the Oppressed we can liberate and better understand ourselves, our communities and our world.

The Aim of this training is to raise awareness of 27 youth workers from 12 countries about social inclusion, develop variety of non-formal skills, knowledge and attitudes regarding theoretical and practical frames for inclusion, and wider implementation in practical youth work.

The learning objectives of the training course are the following:

• Gaining more knowledge and developing new skills regarding discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes recognition
• Empathizing with the position of the oppressed, and her/his personal, social and professional development during different youth work activities;
• Promoting an anti-discrimination, inclusive speech and approach on every level, particularly on the basis of sensitive social groups identity, as the only acceptable method of communication and of resolving conflict;
• Developing skills on creating stories, theatre plays, workshops, and informational campaign for promoting tolerance, politically sensitive and non hate speech and action;
• Encouraging young people’s active participation in society, and especially to empower youth to take an active role in their communities in fighting discrimination;
• Gaining knowledge and developing new skills on Youthpass as a recognition tool for non-formal learning;
• To raise awareness of the key competences and develop different methods that can be used in practice within sensitive group activities;

Which kind of learning activities are you going to find in this training?:

– Group dynamics, confidence games, groupal games.
– Stereotypes: what are them? Should we embrace or condemn them?
– Discrimination and Prejuice: Visual Workshop
– Opression: Practical presentation.
– Theatre of the Oppressed: Techniques and methodology
– Using theatre as a tool.
– Workshop design
– Video tools production
– Learn more about the Erasmus+ Programme and the possibilities that it offers.
– Youth pass certificate.

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