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This four-day training course provides innovative tools, methods and inspiration for youth workers who would like to develop the active participation of young people in their communities.

Community building starts at small scale and youth work/ youth workers play a key role in this. Do you want to be a catalyst for young heroes in your community? Do you want to encourage the young generation to create social change? We believe that active participation, community building and social initiative go hand in hand. Therefore we start with the good practices that exist and inspire you to believe in the potential of young people. Step out of the box to create a real impact together with young people.

The aim of this Training Course is to empower youth workers to work with young people on discovering the challenges, needs and opportunities in their communities and support them in taking innovative initiative(s).

The Training Course will create space for:

  • sharing experiences, successes and failures in community building;
  • connecting youth workers that (want to) empower youth;
  • getting inspiration from young changemakers;
  • exploring the needs for community building;
  • learning how to create a safe environment to empower young people.

Is this the training course you are looking for?

We are looking for a diverse group of professional and voluntary youth workers and group leaders active in the youth field in their local community.

  • International experience is not a must;
  • English will be the working language;
  • Just bring your openness to learn and share experiences;
  • This TC can be useful if you have ideas for doing local or international youth projects, funded by Erasmus+ (KA1, KA2, KA3) or European Solidarity Corps.

How to apply?

You can find more information about the application process on the following link: http://abroadship.org/16993-2/. The deadline for submitting the application form is 27th March 2019!

What are the participation costs?

This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs or SALTO involved in this project – except a participation fee which varies from call to call and country to country. Please contact your Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA to learn more about the financial details.The hosting National Agency of this offer will organise the accommodation and covers the costs for accommodation and food. Your sending National Agency will support your travel costs. Please contact your Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA (click here for contact details) to learn more about how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.


If you have any inquiries about this training course, please contact Ms. Luca Pável at tca_ifjusag@tpf.hu.


We wish you success in the application process! 🙂