Preventing cervical cancer in Georgia

With UNFPA support, Georgia is piloting an organised cervical cancer screening programme, one of the first such programmes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It is designed to reduce cervical cancer in Georgia, a disease that leads to 18,000 deaths in Eastern Europe and Central Asia every year, although it […]

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Female genital mutilation

Why is FGM still happening in the UK? Should schools be more aware? Why are women and girls being ignored? Leyla and Emma will get you talking about whether men and women are equals in 2012.


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Meet Lena

Today Lena becomes a teenager. The world around her is full of possibilities. But also risks. See what opportunities and risks Lena and other girls and young woman are facing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and how UNFPA is assisting the countries in the region to deliver a world […]

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Gender Discrimination

Mind the Gap is a project by a student from a Jakarta-based school, Binus School Simprug Audrey Elena (Grade 9) with an aim to raise public awareness regarding the gender discrimination issue.

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Gender equality: the power of change

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are fundamental human rights. Having access to those rights will bring about huge changes to the lives of women and girls around the world. Only when women and girls have those rights will we have gender equality and only then will we be able […]

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