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The training provides concrete information on what is entrepreneurship education, how to use and promote it in youth work with young people, explore the concept of youth entrepreneurship, social enterprise and start up models.

The training provides opportunity for youth workers through innovative methods to think from the perspective of young people and to foster them to use entrepreneurship as response for unemployment. The training offers space to participants to exchange experiences with other participants, learn new information about the topic, learn concrete tools how to work in everyday work, on site visits, learn about EC funds and support for young people, offer space for networking and future cooperation among the participants.

Who should apply to this training course?

This TC is for participants from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Romania, who will work on improving the competencies of youth workers in entrepreneurship education in order to empower youth workers who work with young people with fewer opportunities and provide information and tools for entrepreneurship education.

How to apply?

You can find more information about the application process on the following link: http://abroadship.org/training-course-entrepreneurial-mindset-through-social-innovation-in-youth-work-emsi-yw-albania-2/. The deadline for submitting the application form is 30th March 2019!


If you have any inquiries about this training, please contact Visar Haxhifazliu  at e-mail: infongothy@gmail.com.


*All costs (accommodation, transportation, meals) are covered.


We wish you success in the application process! 🙂