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The project ‘Media: Key Tools of Social Inclusion’ consists from 3 mobility activities (kick off meeting and two training courses) developed in line with following project objectives:

  1. To increase participants’ awareness of power of media in constructing realities and develop a more critical and selective approach towards media products;
  2. To develop participants abilities to identify hoax and fake news and raise awareness of young people on the importance of analyzing media messages;
  3. To strengthen participants’ media and digital competencies and skills for better self-and professional development and acknowledge the ways media and digital tools can be used for addressing diverse societal issues at work with young people;
  4. To deepen participants’ understanding and knowledge about social exclusion in other countries, as well to foster development of new ways for tackling these issues more effectively and creating greater tolerance, acceptance and unity in their communities;
  5. To improve the quality of activities addressing social exclusion and foster more active participation of young people in developing more tolerant and inclusive communities;
  6. To provide participants an opportunity to share good practices, as well to reflect on common challenges in the field of community and youth work and strengthen the existing networks, including obtaining new contacts for further cooperation in the youth field;
  7. To enhance participants’ knowledge of Erasmus+ Programme and its Key Actions and to encourage development of new project ideas and initiatives under this Programme.

Who should apply? 

If you are young worker (18-30 years old) coming from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Republic of Macedonia, or Greece, you are eligible to apply!

How to apply?

In order to apply, please contact Laura at laura.babaityte@gmail.com. The deadline for applying is 12th February 2019!


If you have any inquiries about this training course, please contact Laura (project coordinator) at laura.babaityte@gmail.com.


We wish you success in the application process! 🙂