SheDecides Day 2018

SheDecides was born when global leaders banded together to defend the fundamental rights of girls and women to decide what they do with their bodies – and their lives. Because, when She Decides, the world is better stronger, safer.  One year on, we are calling on Champions, Friends – and anybody who thinks that girls and women should be free – to stand up, to speak out and to take action to promote a new normal where SheDecides – every day, everywhere.

Every girl and every woman has the right to do what she chooses with her body; she has the right to health. And these rights affect her personal development, her participation in society, her livelihood and whether her family and community thrives.

SheDecides means that every girl and every woman can safely exercise her right to decide for herself what she does with her body, who she shares her body with and whether she wants to have children. She must have access to education and information about her body and her options, modern contraception and safe abortion.

together we are standing up and speaking out, changing the rules and unlocking the resourcesthat are essential for every girl and every woman – everywhere – to be free. We are inviting everyone who supports the values and principles of SheDecides to sign the manifesto, become a Friend of SheDecidesand take an action for change – big or small – in your community.
Sign the Manifesto here:
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