Mentor Me Project Manual


A manual to guide and support young refugees interested in cross-border national or European voluntary service programmes. This manual navigates tools, resources and outcomes based on the efforts and all project outcomes achieved by Mentor Me project partners from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden.


The aim of this manual is to offer mentors and youth workers useful tools, engaging activities, and reliable resources, particularly relating to the context of Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. It is based on the valuable efforts of the migration-miteinander NGO and its partners, with a focus on the Mentor Me KA2 project. In addition, many positive outcomes from the earlier “moveurope!” efforts are shared. Moveurope! initiative’s knowledge and skill collection, combined with the all-inclusive mobility kit and training programme of the recent “Mentor Me” project, have cleared the path for a more sustainable development of an inclusive gateway that helps refugees and immigrants recognise their rights, benefit from the existing opportunities and services in Europe, and prepare themselves to be mobility mentors in the present and the future.









  • Lara Villieras-Guepey, Karla Kästner, Prathisha Hoffmann (migration_miteinander, Germany)
  • Anmar Al Rikabi, Sukaina El Outa (IFYD, Bulgaria)
  • Francesco Rossi, Sandro Coccoi (CIAC ETS, Italy)
  • Eman Albohtori (Support Group Network, Sweden)
  • Katarina Complova, Lucile Peyroux (Pistes Solidaires, France)
  • Zoé Saine, Clara Cadena, Melanie Liu, Ella O’Reilly (Lighthouse Relief, Greece)


  • Anmar Al Rikabi
  • Sukaina El Outa


  • Sukaina El Outa

Evaluation and Monitoring:

  • Irene Hernández Gómez
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