TACC Training Toolkit on Youth Leadership and Advocacy

I. TACC – Youth Leadership and Advocacy Training Toolkit
II. TACC – Youth Leadership Training Curriculum
III. TACC – Youth Advocacy Training Curriculum

This manual has been created within the framework of TACC project “Take Action, Create the Change”, managed by the International Foundation for Y-PEER Development.

It consists of three main documents:
I. The theoretical part includes knowledge and information on leadership and advocacy elements that youth can be equipped with. It is developed by CONEXX-EU.
II. The leadership training curriculum which provides an agenda, sessions and toolkit to be used by youth workers and peer educators to indulge in their work and volunteerism. It is developed by IFYD.
III. The advocacy training curriculum that consists of an agenda, sessions and toolkit to be used by youth
workers and peer educators that supports them to implement their own activities and training locally and beyond. It is developed by IFYD.

Particular thanks is extended to the authors of this manual:
Anina Chileva, Ana Mosiashvili, Anmar Khalid, and Sukaina El Outa from IFYD and Laura Pardo from CONEXX EU. Similarly, many thanks to IFYD team members who contributed to developing the training curricula including Yuliya Andzhekarska, Feifei Zeng, Joana Branco Coelho and Anas Badawi. Also acknowledged are the partner organizations that supported with peer reviews during the whole process of developing this manual and the testing of the training curricula of TACC project: FuturEurope (Gizem Özöztürk Barutçu, Rolands Busers), Youth On Board (Sanja Maksimova, Pane Stefanov, Angela Vitanovska), Youth Human Impact (Magdalena Koniecko, Katarzyna Dębiec), CONEXX-EU (Laura Pardo Garcia, Amaia Garzon, Allende Solaun), Support Group Network (Eman Albohtori, Najat Almerdi, Bilal Almobarak) and Migration_Miteinander e.V. (Lara Villieras-Guepey, Carlo Alberto Italia and Tauqeer Kazmi). Last but not least, our team appreciates the participation and active involvement of promising youth workers when Leadership and Advocacy Training were implemented in Sofia, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey, respectively.

Within the framework of “TACC” project, our mutual cooperation has paved the way to Take Action and Create the Change together!

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