Have something to look forward to this winter

Winter is setting in and the days are getting shorter. There is scientific evidence that backs the benefits of having something to look forward to, whether that means planning a winter staycation, booking day trip destinations, or organising a fun evening with friends. If you are looking for something to look forward to this winter, read on to gather some ideas. 

Embrace the great outdoors 

A reason why many UK residents escape to the continent during winter is to guarantee themselves some sun and warmth. However, with more people getting savvy about how to spend their hard-earned cash, a staycation or a couple of day trips this winter may be the top choice. Though we can almost certainly say the weather will be cold and wet, it is not to say that exploring the British countryside is off the cards.  

As Alfred Wainwright said, ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’, so why not explore some of the National Trust attractions near you?  

Try your hand at a three-course meal  

Sometimes though, when the weather is miserable and the evenings are dark, there comes the days when all you want to do is close the doors and stay inside, and that is understandable. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be wined and dined! 

There are plenty of chefs offering up free tasty recipes from fancy cocktails to hearty dinners, so pick yourself a starter, main, and dessert, invite some friends over and have a go. You’ll have an evening of laughter and memories. 

Take a culture break 

If exploring your local stopping ground is up your street, keep warm and learn something new in the magnificent buildings home to many of the UK’s artefacts and paintings. From Natural History museums, such as the Montrose Museum in Angus, to art galleries such as the Falmouth Art Gallery, whatever your interests there will be something to suit. You might even find a newfound passion or interest! 

Leave the chores at home 

We all know that occasionally, the only way to escape the chaos is to leave it at home. The temptation to run errands and catch up on household chores can be too much when taking a holiday at home. So, finding a place to book into and put your feet up is sometimes the only option for a fully rested holiday. The Belfry Hotel and Resort in Sutton Coldfield offers a range of packages so you can enjoy a luxury stay without worrying about the next load of washing. 

The psychological benefits of a staycation 

We hope you have taken some inspiration and have a booked trip to look forward to this winter. As we have all learned over the last few years, taking a break is not only good for physical health but mental health too. So, if you were looking for a sign to book that day trip or long weekend away, here it is. Invite your friends, invite your family, or just enjoy some time to yourself! Having something to look forward to is wonderful.  

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