Self – Development – Core for Professional Growth

Training Course

The TC is designed to help youth workers motivate, train and inspire young people.It contributes to increase quality of life of youth workers and also to promote quality youth work, empowering mentors to help youth make proper professional choices.

Aim of the training course […]

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Tools for Social Development-Volume II

Training Course

This TC is follow up project which aim to build capacities of youth workers on how to work with young people with disabilities, providing them with different theatre tools and methods and contemporary dance techniques (body expression and improvisation).

Youth with disabilities are one […]

PACE – Peace Action Cooperation in Europe

Training Course

Long term Training Course PACE aims to enhance the competences of youth educators and peer educators in planning, implementing and evaluating educational short-term activities on peace education in order to empower young people to become change makers.

The overall aim of the project are:

The Difference Between – Creative Tools for Communication and Connection

Training Course

31 October – 6 November 2017

In our everyday communication we have a different impact with people. How would your working performance benefit if you could create the impact you aim for? What if you start communicating more effectively and creating better connection with […]

REALITIES ON THE GROUND Interview with a Turkish LGBTQI+ Activist

Following the third consecutive banning of the Istanbul Pride Parade, and the subsequent use of tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse those who defied the ban and continued to march, we decided to speak to Ritsa, a young LGBTQI+ activist living in Istanbul, who is only too aware of […]

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Key Concepts in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

By Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) we mean:

‘the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their sexual activity and reproduction free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.’[1]

SRHR are interlinked with many other fundamental human rights, for example:

The Right to Health


Health is recognised as a human right […]

What You Should Know About Women’s Economic Empowerment


Did you know?

that there is no country in the world where women’s participation in the work force is equal to that of men’s.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, at the current rate of progress, economic equality between men and women will not be achieved for another 170 years.[…]

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What it means to be a trans rights activist in Siberia – In conversation with Soldado Kowalisidi

On the 11th of June, 2013, the ‘gay propaganda law’ was passed in Russia, thereby making it a criminal offense to distribute ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors.’[1] At this time, Soldado Kowalisidi was living in Siberia, having recently moved there from Kazakhstan.


It was in Siberia, where […]

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Under the Spotlight: Orthodoxy and Domestic Violence in Russia

In 2013, a law was introduced to the Russian Criminal Code which made“offending the feelings of religious believers” a criminal offense. This law came on the back of a series of political developments born of the tightening of relations between the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church over the […]

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Under the Spotlight Discrimination and Gender in Roma Communities

With a 10 – 12 million population in Europe, Roma are Europe’s largest and most marginalized ethnic minority. An estimated 90% of Roma people live in poverty, and illiteracy rates can be as high as 80% in some communities.[1]

Roma experience discrimination across the board, and across Europe, a […]

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