The International Foundation for Y-PEER Development, in partnership with the SEED Foundation, celebrated the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2019

On August 9, the International Foundation for Y-PEER Development, in partnership with the SEED Foundation, organized an event dedicated to the celebration of the International Youth Day 2019, as a part of the project “Youth Leadership and Peer Education for the Prevention of Risky Behaviors”, funded by the National Program for Youth (2016–2020) of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria. The event was organized also with the support of Kinematograf ( and the Sofia Municipality which kindly provided the Summer Stage in the Borisova Garden in Sofia. It involved Bulgarian singers and DJs such as Jahmmy Youth and Kin Riddimz. After the concert, short films on social topics related to youth issues were shown, selected by the professionals in the field – our partners from Kinematograf.

The event aimed to raise the awareness about the International Youth Day, the role of youth in civil society, as well as about risky behaviors and how young people can make responsible decisions in their lives.

The International Youth Day is celebrated annually on August 12 to recall the role of young people in the development and construction of the world, and everyday problems that stand in their way. Everything started with the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999 (resolution 54/120) at the proposal of the World Ministerial Conference on Youth, held in Lisbon on August 8-12, 1998. The first time International Youth Day was celebrated on August 12, 2000.

Every year, events dedicated to Youth Day (including various concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, flash mobs, etc.) are held under a specific motto. This year, the theme of Youth Day was Transforming Education.

We thank everyone who helped with the organization and joined our event to celebrate together a very important holiday for young people around the world!





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