Y-PEER is visiting schools all over Bulgaria

On the 1st of October representatives of the Y-PEER community in Bulgaria organized a workshop in the 90th Secondary School ‘General Hose De San Martin’. Our goal was to put into action the peer-to-peer method by having a group of older students present a contemporary topic to a group of younger students.

The older students were a group of 10th graders who had previously attended a training session in Bansko where they were handed the tools to carry out a successful non-formal education on the topics of sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, quality communication, self-exploration and others. After these students got acquainted with the problematic issues and saw how to accumulate information most effectively, their job was to spread the knowledge further and present it in a digestible way to their peers.

This happened at the workshop, where they had an interactive class with their fellow 7th graders on the topic of N******c substances. The youngsters were introduced to the topic of drugs in an educative and explanatory way. The group learned what dugs are, how they could protect themselves from possible consequences, shared early impressions of drug abuse and had discussions about future risk situations. The conversations were guided by the older students using the non-formal methods, aka presentations, games and group questions. The representatives of the Y-PEER PETRI organization were there to ensure that the whole project would run smoothly.

Together we started working towards our long-term goal of creating a sustainable network of young people that would educate each other on important topics related to health and risky behavior.


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