Y-PEER and PETRI-Sofia for Aggression Prevention: YOUTH FESTIVAL IN VELIKO TARNOVO

From 06th to 8th of September, members of PETRI Sofia, the International Youth Coordinator Yuliya Andzhekarska from Bulgaria and EVS Volunteer Angela Georgieva from North Macedonia participated in Youth Festival – Bulgaria loves the young! #TOGETHER in Veliko Tarnovo, hosted by A-TEAM Association, with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria.

Young people and youth organizations aged between 15 and 29 took part in the festival.
The target was to identify the needs and challenges of the young generation in Bulgaria as a direct recommendation within the framework of the future National Youth Strategy 2020.
The other aims of this festival were:
– to provide an opportunity for quality Youth Involvement and participation in the process “Development of Youth Policy”
– personal development and support active role in civil society directly involved in project activities

One of the eight fields was Health, Physical activity and Ecology, with Yuliya as a facilitator in providing help to the youths in the interactive games, project presentations and brainstorming activities. For the closing of the event, everyone described their specific role and how their experience had been.
The project was a huge success and was extremely useful for all the participants!
Bulgaria loves the young! #TOGETHER







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