Invest in women to make them leaders! – Erasmus+ training course in Poland

On August 1-10, 2022 in Olsztyn, the Youth Human Impact Association from Poland organized a training course “Invest in women to make them leaders!”. The project focused on women’s participation in political life, civic life and decision-making, feminism and gender equality.

The main goal of the project was to train 24 youth workers and political activists from partner countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Georgia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus) and equip them with new competences, tools and methods in the field of working with young women.

The participants learned:

▫️ how to develop as leaders;

▫️ methods and techniques of non-formal education;

▫️ effective communication strategies;

▫️ about social norms, stereotypes and racism towards women – political leaders;

▫️recognized examples of female leaders and feminist activities in their countries;

▫️ about the systemic discrimination women face and effective methods of combating it;

▫️ a strategy for empowering women and increasing their visibility in the political and social life of our countries;

▫️ strategies to promote gender equality and their importance for a democratic modern society;

▫️ a strategy to promote female activism as a democratic standard;

▫️ new terms such as: mansplaining, justice, equality, toxic masculinity, patriarchy etc;

▫️ how to involve men and other stakeholders as allies;

▫️ about power relations and ethics in leadership.

During the project, participants also worked on their ideas on how to contribute to the local community by creating ideas for local projects through which they will disseminate the knowledge gained during the project.

The project was a manifesto of feminism, sisterhood, social activity and advocacy for change. ⚧ Projects like this are extremely important in building a better European society based on democratic values ​​and gender equality.

Project partners:

NFED – Ukraine

Hellenic Youth Participation – Greece

BITISI • ბიტისი – Georgia

Y-PEER – Bulgaria

Seiklejate Vennaskond – Estonia

Трэці сектар / „The Third sector” – Belarus.

The project was financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program.

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