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World Day of Social Justice

Social justice has become a popular topic in recent years as people of all ages and backgrounds seek to address the issues of discrimination and inequality in our world. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the #MeToo movement and beyond, people are coming together to fight for […]

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Cupid’s Announcement

Hey there, Cupid’s calling, I want to announce the day of love, Valentine’s Day on 14th February!

Dear earthlings, before I busily start releasing plenty of arrows in every color of the rainbow, I want to announce some love principles.

Training of trainers in youth work as a preventive practice

European confederation of Youth Clubs (NGO/Others)

Training of trainers in youth work as a preventive practice Training Course 8-11 August 2018 | Sibiu, Romania The major aim of this training course is to train trainers to contribute to the improvement of quality youth work in Council of Europe countries, with a particular focus on working with […]

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